Brynn Rumfallo – a girl that does not give up her craft

Stefanie Golod

Having any kind of talent has proven to be a moneymaker in this world, and especially if you are a girl then you might need to go the extra mile. However, when you start as early as possible, you have the entire lifetime to make the name of yourself and show the world why you are good at what you do. Starting with TV is not such a bad idea if you have someone, like your parent, to be next to you. Well, this was the case of Brynn Rumfallo – a dancer, a model, and TV show cast member.

So, who is Brynn Rumfallo?

Brynn Erin Ashlee Rumfallo was born on July 1st, 2003 in Queen Creek Arizona. She is now 16 years old and already has achieved much more than most of the kids her age. Being the oldest daughter of Ashlee Allen and Aaron Rumfallo did not make any difference towards her passion. She started dancing when she was only 2 years old and her talent was spotted then. The rise to the popularity and the showbiz began in 2013. She was then a part of a group called Fresh Faces. These Fresh Faces were so good that they decided to try themselves out on America’s Got Talent. Even though they did not make it past semi-finals, this was the crucial moment for Rumfallo. From this point on, her fame began, she became noticed, her talent appreciated and the road was open for career-changing contracts. Not winning America’s Got Talent was only a transitioning moment, which encouraged her to keep trying. Year later, in 2014 she won a prestigious dance title named Mini Female Best Dancer, which followed with a dance tour. Besides being a dancer, the spotlight she had was more than enough for the modeling scouts. The same year, she became a model for Miss Behave Girls and is still modeling for them. They liked her so much that she was announced as their ambassador – Miss Fit by Miss Behave in July 2016. 2015 was also an important year because Rumfallo was part of the Dance Moms reality show. Although she came as a replacement for a dance, she became their favorite member. Alongside her mom, they worked together by March 2017 when they both left the show.

Right now, Rumfallo is attending Casteel High School, where she also dances as part of their pomline.

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