Gattlin Griffith – the road to success starts at an early age

Stefanie Golod

That the road to success is hard is surely an unquestionable thing, but beginning as early as possible will most certainly get you there in time. This especially goes for those trying out in the movie industry. One of the most prominent and aspiring young stars today that has started his career early is the actor Gattlin Griffith. Best known for his extraordinary role in the historical crime drama Changeling, Griffith has caught the eye of many producers and he definitely has a bright future in front of him.

Griffith, soon to be 21 years old, was born on November 13, 1998, in Santa Clarita, California to the parents Tad and Wendy Griffith as the oldest child in the family. His family of 6 includes his 3 younger brothers named Callder, Garrison, and Arrden. Coming from a family with a long tradition in trick riding and equestrian gymnastics, Griffith is currently the fourth generation successfully following in the steps. Besides this, he also plays football for the Santa Clarita Warriors.

The love for acting was introduced to him by his father Tad, who worked as a stuntman. At the age of four, in 2002, Griffith had the first on-screen appearance and it was in the film “Reckoning”. After that, he got the part in Yamaha motorbikes commercial and several for Home Depot. He first appeared in TV series “Untold Stories of the E.R” back in 2006 and that was the moment when his career took an upside turn. After that followed the “Cold Case”, “How I met your mother”, “Monk”, “Supernatural” and “Criminal minds”. Next in line came the movies. In 2009, he appeared in “Couples Retreat” and “The new daughter”. One important role that put a great accent on his career was in 2011 when he played in “Green Lantern” as the young version of Ryan Reynolds’ character.

As he continues to climb in the movie world, he does not forget about his education. He is currently attending the University of California in Los Angeles, with his major being English. Besides being an equestrian gymnast, Griffith also enjoys playing football and soccer. He wears his football everywhere with him, which tells a lot about his sports passion. Leaving outside LA with his family, Griffith is an aspiring young star that will certainly leave a huge mark in the world movie industry.

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